Visit Our Student Clinics for Affordable Massage Therapies

At Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, we understand the importance of having a hands-on learning experience. That is why, for both of our campuses, we have student clinics where our students can practice the skills they have acquired in school. Our caring team also ensures that our facility has a safe, excellent, and professional environment. This way, our students could freely implement the practical skills and fully understand the techniques taught in class.

Each clinic offers inexpensive therapeutic massages. When a client visits, we let our students facilitate the whole session, from the brief intake and assessment process to massage therapy and post-treatment exercise plans.

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Help our students practice what they’ve learned, and you’ll receive the therapeutic benefits of receiving the right massage techniques. To book a soon-to-be massage therapist of your choice, you can use our online booking system. Just simply click on the icon below to register.