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Massage Therapy Classes Available at Saskatoon's First School of Massage

Through the years, the demand for skilled therapists has grown. This is because more people realize the health and therapeutic benefits that massage therapy can bring. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this industry, enroll in the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. Our programs can introduce basic and advanced techniques, provide hands-on experience, and prepare you for the future.

Established in 1992, our company offered the first full-time massage program in the Prairie provinces. We wanted our students to have great career opportunities, so our curriculum follows the highest education standards in the industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive and Updated Curriculum

We believe that if you’re not moving forward, then you’re falling behind. That is why our passionate team always tries to improve and does not stop with the current program that we have. To continually provide first-rate massage therapy education, we focus on providing quality and up-to-date curriculum.

Our Students Are Our Top Priority

We always think of our students’ welfare. That is why we strive to provide top-quality programs with fair tuition fees. By offering our training at reasonable rates, we believe that more people would be able to achieve their goals

Producing Excellent Massage Therapists for More Than 26 Years

Since the inception of our business, we have been training our students to become successful and skilled massage therapists. We equip them with the necessary expertise to acquire a rewarding career and have job security.

Why We Started

Years ago, we realized that we need a better and more professional massage education. Wanting to help improve the training for therapists, we founded our own campus in 1992. Just like our company name, we are committed to providing professional massage therapy programs.


Mission Statement

We aim to provide the best massage therapy programs in an excellent study environment. That is why our knowledgeable staff works hard to enhance our curriculum and teach our students everything they need to learn about the industry.

Why Choose Us

  • Our program is licensed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education.
  • Our classes are relatively small so we can focus on each of our students.
  • Because we charge a fair price for the education you receive.
  • Our Staff is very knowledgeable about the industry.
  • We are a 2017 BBB torch award finalist.
  • We create a caring learning environment for our students.
  • We provide the content in the nationally recognized 2,200 Hours - don't pay for more than that!

Visit Us

Are you ready to start a wonderful career as a massage therapist? Receive quality and affordable education first by studying at our campus. If you want to see our school amenities and get a feel for our engaging learning environment, drop by for a tour! We have students from all over Saskatchewan:

  • Humboldt, SK
  • Watrous, SK
  • Rosetown, SK
  • Moose Jaw, SK
  • North Battleford, SK
  • Prince Albert, SK
  • Martinsville, SK
  • Regina, SK
  • Swift Current, SK
  • Warman, SK
  • Outlook, SK
  • Saskatoon, SK

Campus Location

Saskatoon Campus

114-701 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6B

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