Professional Institute of Massage Therapy began way back in 1992. Throughout our long history I have always wanted our student's education to be the top priority. It is bizarre to think that we have been around longer than email but it has been our ability to change the way we educate students that has kept us successful for so long.

We have gone from classes with chalk boards to embracing technology to build a better experience so students get the education that they deserve. If you want to be a truly great massage therapist, you must be able to understand what is in your "toolbox". This means that you MUST understand how to assess; you must be able to draw on your knowledge quickly in order to find why someone is in pain and then determine an appropriate treatment plan. Finally, you must be able to execute that treatment plan.

Ultimately you go to school to get a job! It was in a recession that I made my determination that massage therapy was right for me. At that time jobs were tight and after I finished my kinesiology degree I went to massage therapy school and I opened up a successful little clinic. I enjoyed my clinical work because of three things:

1) I would meet someone new
2) I would hear a new story
3) I would make someone feel better.

Needless to say I have never looked back!

My most sincere hope is that after attending our school, you will feel incredibly confident in your skills, and that you will enjoy your career in massage therapy as much as I have.

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