Application Procedure

Admission Requirements for Calgary:
Standard Admission Students must meet ALL o the following criteria: 1. To enter Year One, you must meet the following minimum requirements: a) Alberta high school diploma or equivalent, verified by transcript, with 50% or better in a Grade 12 Biology or Sports Science course b) Successful interview with school administration Mature Admission Students must meet ALL of the following criteria: a) Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) b) 21 years of age or older c) Successful interview with school administration Advanced Credit Admission Students will be required to meet the following standard for Advanced Credit Admission: a) Successful completion of a 1,000 hour or greater massage therapy diploma program will be given advanced credit and can enter Year Two.

Note: Tuition, Books/supplies/instruments, Mandatory Fees displayed are provided to Student Aid Alberta and may be used when processing full-time post-secondary funding applications. The educational costs provided are based on a 100% full-course load and may not reflect current or all educational costs charged by the institution. Contact the institution to obtain accurate educational cost information.

Prior to applying please request our International Student Handbook by emailing the Institute at
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When you decide to apply, we will require you to do the following:
1) Fill in the application form and send it.
3) You will be conditionally approved and be Instructed as to what to Send to the School in order to be fully approved.
4) At this point, we will supply you with the Student Contract, Schedule and Policies and Procedures, including the dispute Resolution Mechanism. Please note that the Student Contract details the Refund Policy and should be read carefully.
Please Note that You will not be fully accepted until all proper documentation is provided.