About Us
Our Strengths
Professional Institute of Massage Therapy has been providing massage therapy education since 1992. We enjoy impressive employment, retention and student loan repayment rates, which speaks to the quality of education we provide.

Ultimately, you go to school to find a job and have a gratifying career. However, at Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, we go even further to enhance your education. Our small classes allow teachers to get to know students better and care about their experiences more than a big institution can provide.
We are Massage Therapy specialists. We strive to give you options in your education so in addition to classroom training, we have developed the Online Campus, a rewarding experience that cuts down your classroom time by 50%.

We won't try to sway you by promising more than we offer! Our expertise comes from over 25 years of shaping the massage education landscape. As you explore the web site you will see that we offer programs in a flexible way that really try to make the program fit your lifestyle.

Enjoy exploring our web site. We hope that we answer all of your questions and we look forward to seeing you in our classroom soon!